Why Bahrain

About Bahrain


Bahrain is an island nation, with an area of 770 km² (an archipelago consisting of more than 33 islands).

Capital City

Manama is the largest city in Bahrain and located in the northern part of its main island.

Warm & Welcoming

Bahrain is home to many religions, Islam being the state religion. Muslims, Christians, Hindus, Jews and others live together in harmony and a sense of national belonging. Bahrain is widely known to be a nation of tolerance and acceptance. All people are respected regardless of ethnicity or religion.

Geographic Coordinates

26.0667° N, 50.5577° E.


Arabic is the official language in Bahrain, English is widely spoken and recognised as a second language. Both are common to see in all signages across the Kingdom.

Open to the World

All nationalities are welcome in Bahrain.


Bahraini Dinar (BD) (US 1 = 0.376 BD fixed peg).

Time zone

Strategically situated in the centre of the world, Bahrain is three hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT +3).

Climate in Bahrain

Seasons in Bahrain are divided into two main climatic periods, Summer from June to September and a pleasant Winter from December to March. These are separated by two short transitional periods, Autumn in April/May, and Spring in October/November. Average daily sunshine is 9 hours, and average annual rainfall is 70.8mm.

Winter temperature range °76.25 – °62.6 (24.6 – 17C).

Spring temperature range °79.16 – °71.06 (26.6 – 21.7C).

Summer temperature range °103.82 – °83.6 (39.9 – 32C).

Autumn temperature range °100.22 – °86 (37.9 – 30C).

Experience the Pearl of Arabia

Friendly and welcoming, the Kingdom of Bahrain is widely known for its hospitality and warm nature. It is a most exciting destination to host the world’s most prestigious business events.

Known for its rich history, art, culture and traditions.

For decades, Bahrain has been welcoming visitors to enjoy its idyllic shores and relaxed lifestyle and embrace its rich history, art, culture and heritage. The Kingdom is proud to have been deservedly adorned with many global accolades that most recently include:

2022 Ranked 1st in the Arab world and 21st Globally in the World Happiness Index

2022 World’s Highest Score in Nikkei COVID-19 Recovery Index

2022 Top Ten Countries to Live for Expats

Bahrain is internationally recognised as the financial hub of the GCC region, and one of the easiest countries in the region to do business.

Welcome to the Kingdom of Bahrain